Soccer Championships

I have been playing soccer ever since I was four years old, so that makes it seven years that I have been playing, going to be eight next year. This year we won every single one of our games, but when we got to the championships we lost the game but we still won the biggest trophie, because we were first all year. When we lost the championships, we were upset but we tried our best to make our coach happy. But when we lost he was happy because he saw us working together and being positive. When the championship game was done we went to my coachs house to have a swim, dinner and cake we were really happy because we know we tried our best!

challenge 2: my passion is dance


ms. wyatt: student challenge

My passion is dance. Dance  inspires me it let’s me be free. Dance just connects to me, there is no other way to explain it. When I dance there is just that moment when I get scared, because having hundreds  of eyes on you and your group makes me nervous, because I am always afraid that I will mess up and make a fool out of myself. When I dance on stage I get butterflies in my stomach and my legs start shaking but when the dance is done and I hear all the cheering,  then I know I did good, with all my family and friends supporting me!


I am a dancer, I have been dancing ever since three years old.  My friend and I danced together for two years, she wasn’t really into dance until I told her to try it, she loved it after and she danced ever since. I have three competitive dances, two are hip hop and a musical theatre. I just started doing musical theatre this year and I love it so far… I am so exited to dance and meet Shawn Desman again:)