Challenge 7: about the sciences

The Atlas day gecko is a small, high altitude lizard endemic  to Morocco. All geckos are relatively small, soft-skinned and have a flattened body shape. Many geckos are noted for their climbing abilities, and the feet of many species are well-adapted for such forms of locomotion, with highly specialised pads on their toes which enable them to grip onto most surfaces .

The male and female Atlas day gecko are very different in appearance. The female is dark brown or grey, with dark stripes running the length of the body. The female may also occasionally have an irregular series of dark spots on the upper side of the body. The male is paler with a large quantity of red or dark brown spots, which are more abundant along the sides of the body and neck. Often, the underside of both genders are yellowish-green, although it may sometimes be darker in the male, especially towards the front of the body.


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  1. I found your post on the Atlas day Gecko very interesting. l was recently in far north Queensland where l saw a number of geckos, l believe these are called the Asian house geckos and they too have amazing climbing abilities.

    • Hi Lisa that is so cool, I always wanted to see one in real life, my grandparents live in the united states and outside of there house is a whole bunch of geckos climbing up their walls, my dad went there one time but when I was there along time ago and I never saw them. Have a great day Lisa!

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