Challenge nine: The Creepy Man!

Onceupon a time, there was this man and his name was Victor.. Victor liked kids before but when this one kid was ringing on his doorbell all the time and running away, he has had enough so he went around taking every single one of there parents cars and one time he took a kid right from his mothers arms and killed the mother and the kid. The poilce never found him and now in that viachle there is still a story that will never be told.

And Then It Happened (the day we went to point peele)

And then it happened

(The day we went to point Peele)

          One day, my class went for a field trip to Point Peele. My friend Alexa and I, and a little group (including Logan, my crush) were way ahead of everybody else. When we were half way through the marsh, I spotted a frog so of course I went down to reach it and then it happened, somebody bumped into me and I dolphin dived into the stinky dirty swamp water! Many things were in that water like fish poop and fish pee and that’s not all, lots of things were going through my mind, like did my crush see me when I fell in, is he laughing at me, it was awful. When I was in the water my boots were filled with swamp water so they were pulling me down. I was freaking out and all that Alexa was doing was laughing, I was just yelling because Alexa wasn’t helping me up and everybody was laughing except for my crush he was crying because he was laughing so hard. I finally found a way up out of the marsh. I was so embarrassed, when I got up I was covered with mud and poop and everything gross that was in that water. When I got up Alexa told me to go to the washroom with her, and when we were in the stall she said take your sweat shirt off and put it over your pants and then she said now take your pants off it wasn’t the smartest idea but I needed to get clean. I had to wear my sweat shirt like that for an hour it was totally embarrassing and another thing is that my crush was waiting right there to use the washroom and he saw me with my sweat shirt over my legs it was  SOO embarrassing all I had to do is run away. After that my pants were dry and I put them back on, but the worst part about it is that I still smelt like fish pee, fish poop, and other gross stuff I did not want to say… hopefully next year we go somewhere that is not near swamp water!

The end!


Our class got new seating arrangements and I am sittting next to my BFF Lindsay! In class right now we are doing blended learning on computers and we are suppost to make a new post (well if we want to). Right now we are looking at the smart board looking how to do to do stuff! Hope neveryone has a great evening… BYEEEE