Christmas Vacation

The movie I am doing is one that I always watch with my family on Christmas. This movie brings a smile to my face every time I see it, this movie is a comedy and it has a few swear words but  it is HILARIOUS! This movie is rated PG, because there is some swearing but not throughout the whole movie just in this one section. The movie is about this guy named Clark his wife and his kids, getting to see there grandparents and family members getting the biggest Christmas tree, and Clark really wants to be the best house with lots of lights on it so he can be the most noticed…. when he is finished getting all the lights on the house, he plugs in the last cord and hoping it will turn on, but the lights didn’t turn on, then he tried it one more time and it worked his house was extremely bright. The neighbors besides Clark’s house hate Christmas and Clark and they were “trying to have a romantic evening but when Clark’s lights come on they can’t see a thing because it is so bright, so they tripped down the stairs and fell over the coffee tables. This movie is a very good movie i would recommend this to families that like family comedies.