Diary of Anne Frank, Post 3

Lately in the book I am currently reading in our literacy groups, we have been finding out more stuff about Anne.. We found out that she doesn’t really like her Mother, because her Mother doesn’t care about her problems as a teenage girl. The only one that she really likes is her Father… He helps her understand why things happen for a reason, and that it is a part of growing up! Anne wants someone to talk to other than her Father. I find the book very interesting and it keeps you guessing through it.. she says one thing but then a few chapters later she says ” I feel bad for saying that!”  I sometimes imagine my self in her place and knowing that you have to hide because Jews are after her and her family,  it is heart breaking and upsetting to read!

Thanks, Sydney

Diary of Anne Frank

The book that my group is reading is called Diary of Anne Frank. The book is about this girl named Anne and the story is based on a long time ago, and the book is actually her diary back then. She never thought that anyone would see it but her, but yet it is a very famous book, and she said that ” nobody will care what I write, and nobody will see it”! We haven’t even read half of the book yet and I am really enjoying it, Anne has very good detail. She writes about everything that has happened that day and well minute! She knows how top keep a story going and keep it interesting, it does take a while to read with a group but it is worth it. Anne talks about in the story about these boys that she thinks that are cute, it doesn’t say if she has a boyfriend but that is something that we have to find out while reading the rest of the book. There is this building and there is this hiding place behind a cabinet and that’s where her family to goes to protect themselves. That’s really all she talked about but we aren’t that far in the book, but I am excited to read more!