Hello my name is Sydney! I live in Ontario, Canada I have four people in my family. I absoutly love dancing it just makes me feel like I am walking on a cloud… I also love hanging with my friends having sleepovers and watching charmed!  I am in grade seven and I play lots of sports! In my spare time I either play on my ipod or DANCE!!!!

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    • Morgan I know you want to have more then me to prove that your blog is better, It doesnt matter it is not my fault the people choose, not me! anyways great job too… I LOVE YOU!!!

  1. Hi Sydney, my name is Lisa DiCarlo and am your mentor during this blogging challenge. I have tried numerous times to write on your blog but was unsuccessful, l am glad we have rectified the problem. I am a Bachelor of Education student who lives in Melbourne Australia. I look forward to reading your posts.

    • Hi Lisa very nice to hear that you are my mentor, that is amazing how you are learning to be a teacher, I look forward to your responds… do you have any suggestions for my blog and what I need to work on? I appreciate it.
      Thanks, Sydney

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